MICROCOXM: D.I.Y: Mattify Any Lipstick!

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MICROCOXM: D.I.Y: Mattify Any Lipstick! This DIY Lipstick Hack Let’s You Try Different Lip Colors Without Buying a New Tube. In doing so, Kathy was able to change her lipstick into a more matte, lilac lip color. While we certainly have some questions regarding her technique, we're pretty certain that the dry concealer formula will turn even the silkiest lipsticks into a matte ...

DIY: Lipstick or cream blush (using pigments) - Adjusting Beauty
5 OMG Ways To Use Your Regular Makeup Products. Your DIY eye shadow will be long lasting with an extremely high ... The small size ensures that the highlighter doesn't spread and is on point. 3. Liquid Matte Lipsticks These lipsticks are definitely trending but there is more to them than just the ...

DIY matte lipstick - Πώς να κάνεις το κραγιόν σου ματ - despina's ...
How to Make Any Lipstick Matte: 5 DIY Matte Lipstick Tricks. What do you do if you already have an arsenal of satin-finish lipsticks, but want to wear the matte lipstick trend? I’m going to show you 5 beauty hacks to mattify any lipstick. The best part about learning how to make any lipstick matte? You get a ton ...

DIY: Lipstick or cream blush (using pigments) - Adjusting Beauty
Kourtney Kardashian: Copy Her DIY Lip Scrub Before Wearing A Matte Lip. To make sure they are super-hydrated, plump and soft, make a lip scrub before you apply your matte lipstick. Kourtney Kardashian is known for her love of natural and organic products so, of course, she has a DIY recipe for a lip scrub. On her app ...

DIY: Lipstick or cream blush (using pigments) - Adjusting Beauty
Primp Tip: How to Make Any Lipstick Matte. Apply your non-matte lipstick on top of your lip liner ... velvety matte texture without breaking the bank on new beauty products. I love a good DIY makeup hack, don’t you?
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